Jan McLean Dolls - 2015 Collection - One of A Kind OOAK Artist Dolls

Belle Reine by Jan McLean

Name: Belle Reine
Limited Edition: OOAK
Year: 2015
Manufacturer: Jan McLean Designs
Collection: 2015 Collection
Size: 44" / 111 cm
Material: Porcelain

Belle Reine ("Beautiful Queen") is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. She is a queen who sits atop her throne in her dress made of black antique velvet and antique Chantilly and Bruges lace. Her brooch and matching earrings are vintage teal and amethyst gemstones. Her carpet underskirt is made of rows and rows of ruffled cream silk tissue. Her bodice and sleeves are trimmed with antique silver edging. The Queen's shoes are handmade silk and leather lace-up heels. She has red human hair and wears a crown of black silk flowers. Her icy blue eyes are hand-painted and set with glaze. Belle Reine holds a cigarette in her left hand and carries a velvet hand-beaded purse. On her left thigh she wears a garter with a golden dagger adorned with amethyst gemstones.

Belle Reine by Jan McLean - 2015 Collection - One of A Kind OOAK Porcelain Artist Doll

Jan McLean 2015 Collection
The Jan McLean 2015 Collection includes Belle Reine, Lollipop Girl I, Lollipop Girl II, Shabby Chic Doll I, Shabby Chic Doll II, Shabby Chic Doll III, Shabby Chic Doll IV, Shabby Chic Doll V, Shabby Chic Doll VI, Shabby Chic Doll VII, Shabby Chic Doll VIII, Valentine, Verity.

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