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Ruby by Jan McLean and Jane Rhodes

Name: Ruby
Limited Edition: OOAK
Year: 2007
Manufacturer: Jan McLean Designs
Collection: Bella Collectibles Collection
Size: 38 inches / 96 cm
Material: Vinyl

Ruby sculpted by Jan McLean doll artist and costumed by Jane Rhodes fashion designer.

From the Art Forms in Nature collection inspired by the works of Botanist Ernst Haeckel. Jane Rhodes' doll Ruby wears a sumptuous Darwin coat in a red wool tweed, over a silk jersey t-shirt in pale blue with mollusk print and Engineer parts in coffee pinstripe wool. Ruby wears snakeskin shoes and a stunning 18ct yellow gold, freshwater pearl and garnet drop earrings jewelry by Idour.

Eyes: Soft shimmer eye mono, deep shimmer thunder pink, deep shimmer thunder grey, eye liner pencil grey. Cheeks: Powder blusher rose. Lips: Retractable lip liner deep plum, sheer shimmer lip gloss ruby.

Ruby by Jan McLean Doll Artist and Jane Rhodes Fashion Designer - Bella Collectibles - New Zealand Radio Lollipop Charity Auction

Jan McLean Bella Collectibles 2007 Collection
The Jan McLean Bella Collectibles 2007 Collection includes Finn, Helena, Holly, Iseult, Melanie, Meme, Ruby, Senorita Cruz, Sophia, Tanya.

About Jane Rhodes
A respected fashion designer and mother of six boys, Jane Rhodes brings 20 years experience in design, tailoring, and retailing. Her shop in Kingsland has been a fashion landmark for a decade and has been the destination for dozens of professional women seeking flattering, tailored fashion.

Described as covering "from siren to CEO", Jane dresses a number of high profile New Zealander who regularly wears Jane Rhodes; designs, and the label in frequently used by print, film and television stylists who enjoy the label's glamour and elegance.

Striking for its exceptional, sensuous fabrics couple3d with fine tailoring, Jane is inspired by the creative possibilities of her favorite textiles, wool and silk. And with delicate beading and embroidery, Jane draws on the romance of the past to create her vision of a contemporary wardrobe.


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