Jan McLean Dolls - Touch Collection 2002

Marcia by Jan McLean

Name: Marcia
Limited Edition: 25
Year: 2002
Manufacturer: Jan McLean Designs
Collection: Touch Collection
Size: 39" / 99 cm
Material: Porcelain

Marcia is an elegant lady who charms everyone she meets. She wears a floor-length gown made of layers upon layers of ruffled white, silk organza. Her bonnet is made of mauve and white laces and has a dashing ruby plume. Marcia has blonde human-hair curls and captivating eyes.

Marcia by Jan McLean - Touch Collection 2003 - Porcelain Artist Original Doll

Jan McLean Touch Collection 2002
The Jan McLean Touch Collection from 2002 includes Bebe (From Barbados), Desire, Jemima, Marcia, Nicole (From Norway), Nikita (Sitting), Nikita (Standing) Tiffany.

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