Jan McLean Dolls - Victorian Miss Collection

Claudia Rose by Jan McLean

Name: Claudia Rose
Limited Edition: 10,000
Year: 1999
Manufacturer: Jan McLean Designs
Collection: Victorian Miss Collection
Size: 24" / 61 cm
Material: Porcelain

Modest and mannerly, Claudia Rose is the town sweetheart in her dusty rose dress trimmed with several layers of white lace, and a white lace collar with plum sheen ribbon. Claudia's long brown curls drape elegantly over her shoulders, and she wears a brimmed rose-colored hat decorated with white netting and a large velvet rose. Claudia wears stockings and matching black leather boots.

Claudia Rose by Jan McLean - Victorian Miss Collection - Porcelain Artist Doll

Jan McLean Victorian Miss Collection
The Jan McLean Victorian Miss Collection includes Claudia Rose, Jessica, Jessica Anne, Marilou.

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