Jan McLean Dolls - Victorian Miss Collection

Jessica by Jan McLean

Name: Jessica
Limited Edition: 5,000
Year: 1999
Manufacturer: Jan McLean Designs
Collection: Victorian Miss Collection
Size: 24" / 61 cm
Material: Porcelain

Jessica is a fashionable young miss in her soft pink cotton dress adorned with thin black ribbon embroidery and black lace. She wears a collar made of white cotton and lace. Jessica has long brown hair and wears a matching pink straw hat decorated with black satin ribbon and baby pink roses. She can be posed with her original accessory companion baby which is made of porcelain also and has a white cotton and lace gown. Jessica's shoes are made of high-quality black leather.

Jessica by Jan McLean - Victorian Miss Collection - Porcelain Artist Doll

Jan McLean Victorian Miss Collection
The Jan McLean Victorian Miss Collection includes Claudia Rose, Jessica, Jessica Anne, Marilou.

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