Jan McLean Dolls - Secondary Market - Artist Originals Proofs OOAK Limtied Edition Dolls


Jan McLean Dolls secondary market of artist originals, artist proof dolls, artist editions dolls, OOAK one of a kind dolls, limited edition dolls.


Jan McLean Dolls - Secondary Market - Artist Originals Proofs OOAK Dolls


We are looking to acquire Jan McLean artist originals, artist proofs, one-of-a-kind dolls and limited artist editions. Please contact us at info@thedollempire.com with the following information:

1. The doll's name, edition number (located on back of neck, behind the doll's ear, or on the doll's back) and condition.
2. At least three high-quality pictures of the dolls in its current condition (the doll as it is today) - we will not accept stock photos of the doll.
3. Any history or information you may have concerning the doll's past, where and how it was stored and/or displayed (in direct sunlight, for many years, in a cabinet or glass case, all of these things affect a doll's condition).


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Terms For Describing A Doll's Condition

NIB - New in Box
The doll has never been removed from its original box and the original packing material has never been removed. Doll has never been on display.

MIB - Mint in Box
The doll has been removed from the box for display; however, the doll is in excellent (almost new) condition with minimal signs of wear*. The doll has original box, as well as original certificate of authenticity and paperwork.

COA - Certificate of Authenticity
The doll includes the original paperwork certifying its origin and maker. This is not imperative to assuring the doll is authentic as all dolls are signed on the neck/behind the ear/on the back or have a sticker with the artist's signature and the doll's edition number.

EUC - Excellent Used Condition
The doll has been on display for a certain amount of time (usually a few years, but this depends on the collector). The doll may or may not have original box and paperwork. The doll is in very good condition, with minimal to some signs of wear*.

*Signs of wear include fading of color on parts of the costume (especially when exposed to sunlight), scuff marks on vinyl or porcelain, gems or sequins or beads missing from costume, damage to shoes (esp. around the heels), tears or rips or other holes in costume, wear or damage to any original accessories hats, teddy bears, etc.) mold or mildew on parts of costume, smoke damage (i.e. the smell of smoke is very apparent and the costume has smoke stains on it), loose stitches or grommets in costume.

Missing Accessories
The doll is missing original accessories. Missing accessories (i.e. hats, jewelry, shoes, bags, teddy bears, flowers, etc.) lower the doll's overall value.

The doll is severely damaged - for example, the doll is broken in some spot and/or the costume is severely damaged (severely ripped or faded). The value of the doll is greatly affected.

The doll had a previous injury (in most cases, a break, crack, chip, or shatter) which was repaired. The doll's value is still greatly affected by repairs. Please indicate the professional or institution which performed the repair and where the damage had original occurred.

The doll is near total destruction and the only use is for salvage parts (taking parts which have not been damaged for use in other dolls).

Please note: We do not provide appraisals or opinions on value. Please do not email us asking us "how much is my doll worth" or "how much can I sell this doll for" Value is relative from collector to collector and we are not a free appraisal service. You are expected to do your own research and determine your asking price for your item. We will alert you if we believe that the doll may be damaged or missing original accessories.


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